February 23, 2017

Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua

Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua is the most up-to-date text on the market for new Junior Cycle Irish. It incorporates the most recent guidelines from the NCCA, JCT and PDST to deliver a comprehensive and engaging package for 1st Year Irish.

Student Textbook


  • Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua integrates and uses the new literature as the basis of content for every chapter, as recommended by the NCCA, JCT and PDST
  • The literature forms a central part of the content and acts as a springboard for the development of students’ language skills
  • A new and comprehensive Clár ensures easy navigation of all the chapter content and key skills
  • As recommended by the specification, Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua promotes personalised learning and encourages students to explore language and culture throughout
  • Students are encouraged to take control of their learning and the Dul Siar assessment page at the end of each unit encourages learner autonomy
  • Students are challenged in multiple ways using a variety of teaching methodologies throughout the book
  • Written, oral, aural and reading skills are developed in each unit
  • Students are encouraged to be creative with fun activities such as role play and spot the difference
  • Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua develops an awareness of Irish culture. Each themed unit of the textbook features a dedicated section promoting Irish culture
  • Grammar is taught both in context and through a separate grammar unit. This allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the language
  • Students will enjoy being encouraged to use technology in a variety of ways throughout Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua

Leabhar Féinmheasúnaithe


The Leabhar Féinmheasúnaithe

  • Contains peer-assessment and self-assessment pages which allow students to create a personal information log
  • Provides revision exercises, which test students’ vocabulary, language awareness and key skills
  • Includes key vocabulary checklists for each unit
  • Provides fill-in-the-blanks listening exercises for test practice
  • Features additional blog activities which reinforce reading, writing and language skills

Students' CDs

Two FREE students’ CDs contain the exam-style Cluastuiscint pieces and the Leabhar Féinmheasúnaithe Cluastuiscint fill-in-the-blanks exercises

Teacher Resources and Planning


A comprehensive teacher’s pack accompanies Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua

  • Teacher’s Resource Book includes:
    • NEW Planning Templates and Schemes of Work
    • transcripts for the recorded material
    • with all of the cultural material (poems, short stories and songs)

Digital Resources

Teachers can access the Cinnte! 1 Eagrán Nua interactive e-book at www.edcolearning.ie, plus a bank of free digital resources, including:

  • FREE student website with interesting and enjoyable interactive activities and quizzes linked to each unit of the textbook. These activities reinforce classroom teaching
  • Animations based on Léamhthuiscint to bring the Irish language to life
  • Worksheets for each animation
  • Audio tracks from the CDs in digital format
  • PowerPoint presentations that cover key topics and enhance classroom learning.

Digital resources are integrated for easy reference and lesson planning.

FREE e-book